DATUM: 2012-08-14 | TID: 01:57:38 | KATEGORI: Allmänt

Life is a blessing, life is a gift that you should take care of. You can't play games because you've only got one life to live so live your life as you want it to be lived. Don't take everything for granted cause someday it won't be in your life anymore. Think of all the things you want to do, what dreams and goals you have in your life. What do you wan't to achieve? 
YOLO isn't an excuse for being a whore, drinking, smoking or partying it's about making a difference in the world, making something better. It's about changing things so we will have a better future.
So please don't take your life for granted. In bad times or in times of trouble think of that the world needs you. You WILL make a difference in the future someday, your not worthless. 
Believe in your goals and what you believe in don't go after other peoples dreams, follow your own heart, that is the place were you will find truth. Sometimes you have to listen to your heart instead of your head.
Written by: Julia Windborne